What to wear for your engagement session

Knowing what to wear for an engagement session is always a bit complicated for some couples. You are not a stylist, fashion designer, here is 3 tips to help you !


1 : Be comfortable

The first thing to think about, is that it is essential that you are comfortable in your clothes. You will be moving around, walking in the sand, going up a small hill, your fiancé will make you do some dancing.  So a large dress is always a good idea, a pants too, I don’t recommend you a short dress.

2 : Use colors

When you choose your location for your photo shoot with your photographer, make sure you have colors that will match the location either to create a monochrome, or work on complementary colors you have a very good tool for that.



3 : During fall or winter

If you’re engagement session is during fall or winter according your outfit is still essential and recommended, like thes two lovers in Paris.



4 : Bonus BE YOURSELF & HAVE FUN !!!

Be yourself, have fun during your couple’s session, your photographer will guide you throughout the session!