Paris Wedding Photographer

Paris wedding photographer for just over five years now. Several times awarded in various international photo competitions such as Fearless photographers or WPJA I am proud to exercise my profession of wedding photographer here in Paris city which rocked my childhood.

Let me tell you your story

Because this day will take place like a fairy tale, my duty will be to tell it to you in pictures without needing to speak or put words on every second. My report will be exclusively under photographs which will detail each moment of this magnificent adventure which is offered to you. To do this and build this celebration step by step, I will be present from your awakening if you wish, until the end of this romantic event.

Let us not ignore the power of clichés; they have the capacity to tell you a whole story. Obviously, not everyone has the qualities required for such a job, and this is where I come in. My work and the experience I have acquired over the years and the reports I have produced are a real vocation for myself. My photos reflect an intense enthusiasm and pleasure, the love I have for my job as a wedding photographer, the power to immortalize forever such a short yet profound moment.

Having learned all the techniques conducive to quality work, I will observe with patience, understand and capture the atmosphere and emotion of this moment which is none other than yours.

My shots, contrary to what we usually see, will bring originality and instantaneity. Not adopting the principle of posing, I prefer to immerse myself in the heart of the crowd, like an ant that no one will really notice, I will be as discreet as possible. In love with the natural and spontaneity, I will prioritize much more the taking of shots on the spot, which will know how to surprise you, surprise you, amuse you, in order to make you discover moments that you did not have time to notice, and expose your marriage under a completely other glance. So don’t mind me, I intervene at any moment, immortalizing you from angles conducive to the magnificence of your personality and this sublime day.

When my work is finished, I will offer you a unique story, full of sensitivity and singularity. For every love story deserves to be etched forever in our memories, and to have its own story.

Creativity without borders

Possessing a creative mind and a limitless imagination, I will ask you to tell me your desires, your expectations, and I will take your mind well beyond what you can hope. My work being a real passion, a vocation, I consider photography to be timeless, complete and accessible to all, making this exercise a real tool for sharing amazing.

I observe each surrounding element as well as all the people present with pleasure, modesty and delicacy. I think brightness, romanticism, nature, poetry only in order to capture your image in the best circumstances and offer you a work of exceptional quality.

Whether your celebration is under the theme of a bucolic, country, social, or princely day, my adaptation will be limitless, allowing you to get the coverage you are entitled to expect. Moreover, to give you the opportunity to make a first impression on how I accomplish my mission, many illustrations proposed by me are present and accessible on the home page of this site. Doing the tour will show you the love with which I operate each request.

Very happy to be the witness of your union, I will exercise my talent in the best way possible to bring you the memory of a parenthesis of your life, of an eternal love that will have marked many spirits, mine included.

I am at your entire disposal, I will respond to every request and will be able to travel all over Europe to live this beautiful episode with you.