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You plan to get married in Bordeaux or Dordogne, this region is simply beautiful! Sun, good food, the best wine.
You can see below some weddings that I had the chance to photograph in this beautiful region.
If my work interests you, do not hesitate to contact me I would be pleased to answer you.
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Here are some tips to choose the right photographer for your wedding in Bordeaux

Looking for a wedding photographer

A wedding is one of the most moving moments you will experience in your life, you must keep an unforgettable memory of that day, the looks exchanged, the tear in your parents’ eyes, the smile of your witnesses, the love shining in your eyes… These are the moments of strong complicity that the wedding photographer in Bordeaux strives to capture during each wedding report. These moments are present during your photos of original couples, your ceremonies, as I explained above the wedding photo without this understanding of emotions is doomed to failure.The strength of the wedding photographer for example in Bordeaux is to know how to capture those little moments that only last a moment, but that will remain forever in your wedding album… On the more technical side my role as a photographer will be to find an angle, a light that will enhance you! and then your wedding photos will take on a whole new dimension. That’s why you should choose your photographer carefully.

Choose your wedding photographer in Bordeaux

You are looking for a photographer for your wedding, choosing him is a complicated thing whether it is in Bordeaux, Arcachon, Cap Ferret, Périgueux, Sarlat, Paris, Nice or in the whole France the offer being so varied, you will meet all types of wedding photographers with different styles and prices ranging from 500 to over 5000€The first thing to determine is which wedding photo styles you like, rather reportage type wedding photos, or posed photos.Photographs of report: The photographer during your event follows you in order to return you natural and spontaneous photographs, your tears, your smiles, the emotion of a relative. The report also plays a lot with the atmosphere of the place of worship, a small chapel or a large church does not photograph itself in the same way.Photos taken: These are the photos you certainly know, photos taken, wedding rings with eye directed to the photographer etc… I tell you right away you will not find this at home, in the same way you will not find black and white photos with your bouquet in color either.Once you have in mind the style of photos that suits you, you will need to determine the budget or rate you wish to spend for your photographer, do not delude yourself a good and cheap burgundy wedding photographer that does not exist! As in all areas, quality pays. Once you have determined your photo style and budget you will be looking for your future wedding photographer! As said above you will see everything from the commercial-photographer to the photographer beginner through the prestigious photographer, a single word never make your decision without having seen an entire wedding or at least a good part! This is how you can judge the quality of your wedding photographer’s work. You can ask him questions about such or such photo and also on this occasion tell him the photos that you like and those that you like less in his book this will help your wedding photographer to understand what you like and he can then give you advice so that your wedding photos correspond to you. You will have understood it a good wedding photographer is not only present the day D, he must understand who you are, in what dynamics is your couple, you direct on the place of your photos of couples, come to check with you ! A good wedding report is preparing your couple photos too! One last point you must be comfortable with your photographer, do not forget that he will follow you all day long you need for your wedding photos to be successful a relationship of trust between you and him, what I often say “it is not the wedding day that you should notice that you do not like your photographer !