Venice Pre Wedding

  Venice Wedding Photographer


Jacky & Kathleen live in Hong-Kong, during their trip in Europe they wanted to do a pre wedding in Venice.
When they asked me to be their Venice pre wedding photographer I was very touched by their request and happy to share this moment with us.

I arrived at Venice airport a sunday afternoon at the end of november, to go in Venice from the airport you have the choice between bus or boat  I chose the last one…
Inside I swing on the rhythm of the waves listening Low estate of 16 horsepower, the weather was cold and gray sometime the sun tried to appear but it was time for the sundown and time for me to take some photos, eat something and go to bed…

When I wake up the monday morning I was very excited to meet Jacky & Kathleen !
I leaved my hotel early in the morning and I was really charming by the street, the colors, the mood of this city.
I arrived at Hotel Orologio. Jacky was staying outside and Kathleen appeared behind him and their story started here…

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Monday morning 8 am near Hotel Orologio



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Venice Wedding Photographer

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