Elopment in France

La pointe du Cap Ferret,
On this morning of October the weather is drab and gray, a few drops of rain, 8°C , funny day for a wedding !
This is the second time that I have the opportunity to come and make a wedding in Bartherotte at the point of Cap Ferret. I am always amazed of what I see and find there. A unique venue !
And it’s here that Hugues and Chelsea chose to celebrate their wedding. These ocean lovers, surfers, travelers have chosen this haven of peace, they had however the choice, Hawaii, Phillipines but they chose France for their elopment with their witnesses and their close family .
I believe that on that day I attended one of the most beautiful wedding of my career, the emotion during that day was just incredible, seeing these two lovers, made for each other getting married in this magical place and seeing Chelsea so moved, her brother very touched by Hugues’s words to his sister, all the ingredients of a beautiful wedding were gathered.
I let you discover this beautiful elopment


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Song : Mree – Lullaby