5 best weddings venues in France

Today I want to share with you the best of the best addresses for an amazing wedding in France. If you are newly engaged, starting the planning and looking for a dream wedding venue in France, this is for you !

Where are the best chateau in France ?

In France, you can find a lot of Chateaux in different areas :

  1. Paris and Normandy are in the north of France
  2. Bordeaux is in south west,
  3. Provence and French Riviera are in the south east .

Each region of France has her specific light, food and wine.
Southwest and South east are perfect for an  outdoor ceremony and dinner wedding. Season starts in April and finish in mid October, North season is more about from mid may to mid september as in East area.

A few words about food, cheese and wine !
As a french guy and good cooker I’m so proud of my country! If you want to drink the best wine I suggest you to visit Bordeaux area where I’m  from ! Saint Emilion for red wine, Sauternes for sweet wine, Oyester and Foie Gras are our specialities.

So here it is our 5 best weddings venues in France

Chateau Bouffemont 

Chateau is 30 kilometers from the center of Paris and 20 minutes from Charles de Gaulle Airport, with more than 4 reception halls, 9 magical suites and a sumptuous garden and grounds it’s a perfect place for a wedding near Paris. You can find more about this chateau here

wedding venues paris


Chateau d’Estoublon

Halfway between Arles and Avignon in Provence,  Chateau d’Estoublon, with its 18th century castle sits in the midst of breathtaking landscapes which has inspired world famous writers and painters such as Van Gogh.

Wedding venue in Provence


Chateau de Grimaldi

Chateau Grimaldi is located near Aix-en-Provence, only a 30 minutes drive from Marseille. You can find more about chateau de Grimaldi Wedding


Chateau de Lisse

Chateau de Lisse is located  1 hour from Bordeaux airport in south west France, Chateau is in the middle of a Gascony forest and is considered as one of the most historical Chateaux in Gascony.



Wedding venues in France


Chateau de Varennes  

Luxury french Chateau named by CNN among the top ten best wedding venues worldwide, Chateau is located in burgundy 2 hour from Lyon airport


Wedding venues in France